It's a Wrap!

Enhance guests' well-being—and your bottom line—with the latest detoxifying wraps.
by Tracy Morin

Whether clients seek to release impurities or shed those extra holiday inches, a range of detoxifying body wraps comes to the rescue! To showcase the latest wrap stars on the scene, DAYSPA checked in with six spas across the country that promise—and deliver—everything from improved skin tone and a stimulated metabolism to enhanced overall wellness.

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Detoxifying Body Wrap

Revitalize Day Spa

Detoxifying Body Wrap
featuring products by M’lis,

Spa: Revitalize Day Spa, La Grange, TX
• Exfoliate the entire body using Buff Body Scrub.
• Take measurements at several points on the body (this step is for contouring purposes and can be skipped when the wrap is being used for detoxification and cleansing).
• Apply Contour Cream.
• Wrap the client tightly, using plastic film.
•Lay the client down on a comfortable treatment table, allowing her to relax for 60 minutes. Offer additional treatments such as reflexology, a facial, or a hand and foot massage.
• Cut the client out of the wrap.
• Rub in any remaining cream.
• Remeasure the same points on her body.
• Have the client dress; she should not shower for the rest of the day to allow the cream to continue working.

Why Clients Love It:
“The instant, lasting results of this wrap make it a top choice on our service menu,” says Amy Newton, owner of Revitalize Day Spa. “A glowing appearance, care of detoxification and lymphatic cleansing, as well as a loss of four to 14 inches per treatment, guarantees all clients leave truly revitalized.”

Detox Therapeutic Body Wrap

Korpus Medical Spa

Detox Therapeutic Body Wrap
featuring products by Biotone,

Spa: Korpus Medical Spa, San Pedro Sula, Honduras
• Mix ½ tsp. Detoxifying Customizing Complex with Exfoli-Sea Salt Glow.
• Mix ½ tsp. Detoxifying Customizing Complex with Black Baltic Body Mud.
• Warm all product prior to application.
• Perform a full-body scrub using the sea salt mixture.
• Apply the mud in an even layer to each body part, quickly covering with plastic as you progress. Cover the client with a towel to keep warm.
• Standing at the head of the table, pull all layers of sheets, thermal wrap and blankets up, cocooning the client.
• Allow her to rest for 15 to 20 minutes; stay in the room or nearby for reassurance.
• Remove the mud using plastic sheets.
• Remove any remaining product with hot, moist towels.
• Apply Pomegranate & Cranberry Hydrating Lotion for a finishing treatment.

Why Clients Love It:
“This service offers an organic touch, and uses the perfect combination of natural detox-therapy treatment essentials,” says Maria Panting, administrative director at Korpus Medical Spa. “Our guests consider it necessary for their well-being!”

Detoxifying Algae Wrap

Peninsula Spa by ESPA

Detoxifying Algae Wrap
featuring products by ESPA,

Spa: The Peninsula Spa by ESPA, New York City
• Perform a full-body exfoliation using Exfoliating Body Polish and Oil Scrub.
• Apply Detoxifying Algae Gel to the entire body.
• Wrap the client in Mylar for 25 minutes to allow the product to penetrate the deeper layers of skin.
• As the client rests, provide a relaxing scalp massage.
• Have the client rinse off in the shower and return to the table for a full-body application of Essential Body Moisturizer.

Why Clients Love It: “It’s a great treatment for those looking to hydrate,” says Nadine Shelf, general manager at The Peninsula Spa by ESPA. “The products used are rich in vitamins and minerals to assist in bringing back balance to the body and detoxifying the system.”

Universal Contour Wrap

Spa Utopia

Universal Contour Wrap
featuring products by Body Beautiful Canada,

Spa: Spa Utopia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
• Measure the client, recording her dimensions on a personal treatment card.
• Wrap the client from the neck down in bandages soaked in SeaClay Solution.
• Dress the client in a vinyl suit and booties, and have her lie, slightly elevated, on her back, covered by a duvet or blanket.
• During the waiting period, perform a mini-facial, ensuring that she remains warm and comfortable.
• Leave the client in the bandages for an additional 30 minutes.
• Uwrap the client, providing a robe and towel.
• Remeasure the client, recording her results on the treatment card.
• Give the client her results and discuss aftercare instructions, such as showering in tepid water and limiting the use of soap for three days while the clay solution continues to work; drinking two to three quarts of water; avoiding caffeine, alcohol, carbonation, sugar, salt and fatty foods; and using products from the Apres Care line.

Why Clients Love It: “Our guests have been pleased and excited with their results, seeing a 6.25- to 14-inch loss in one session,” says Leisa Dawiskiba, director of skincare therapy at Spa Utopia. “Even our guests who have been skeptical about the 30-day [inch loss] guarantee have been pleasantly surprised!”

Cellulite Rx Wrap

Institut' DERMed

Cellulite Rx Wrap
featuring products by Institut’ DERMed,

Spa: Institut’ DERMed Mediclinical Spa, Atlanta
• Using a brush, apply 35% Glycolic Acid Body Peel to the buttocks and backs of clients’ thighs.
• Set the timer for four minutes.
• Afterward, neutralize the glycolic acid with warm, wet towels, then rinse and wring out the towels and get any other spots that may still sting.
• With the client's body still slightly damp, apply LipoTherm Contour Cream to the area just treated.
• Apply LipoLift Firming Cream over the contour cream and, using your knuckles, massage into treated area for five to eight minutes.
• Have the client turn over. Repeat the process on the front of thighs and, if desired, the lower abdomen.
• Wrap the lower body (or all treated areas) with a thermal blanket and perform a five-minute scalp massage.
• Let the client rest in the wrap for five to eight minutes before removing the blanket.

Why Clients Love It: “Cellulite is an unfortunate condition most women deal with at some point in their lives,” says Lyn Ross, founder of Institut’ DERMed. “This wrap uses active ingredients that help to detoxify and hydrate the skin to minimize cellulite’s appearance.”

Aloe Vera & Herb Detoxification Wrap

Boulevard Spa & Skin Care Clinic

Aloe Vera & Herb Detoxification Wrap
featuring products by Set-N-Me-Free,

Spa: Boulevard Boutique Spa & Skin Care Clinic, Albany, OR
• Have client stand for measuring and wrapping, wearing cotton undergarments.
• Measure each section of the body to gauge before-and-after size loss results, if desired.
• Take wrap cloths that have been soaking in heated Aloe-Herbal Solution and apply from the neck down, mummy-style, using only enough pressure for them to remain; no compression is needed.
• Clients can relax comfortably in the wrappings for 45 minutes. (Offer to schedule a facial or hand/foot treatment during this time.)
• Unwrap the client and instruct her to drink two to three quarts of water within 24 hours to further flush toxins.
• Clients who are looking for a complete detoxification program should schedule treatments every three to four days for a series of 12 wrap services.

Why Clients Love It: “It provides complete comfort and an unmatched soothing treatment, as well as amazing results that can be seen and felt following each wrap,” says Lindie M. Truex, owner of Boulevard Boutique Spa & Skin Care Clinic. “We have seen effective results for all clients.”