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Evo Spa

“My mom had always talked about us working together, and I would be like ‘yeah, yeah,’ but I didn’t think we ever actually would,” admits Pasquale, a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist.

Ann, however, clearly remembers the moment she first saw her daughter as a powerful healer and potential business partner.

“Neka had invited me to a party that one of her acupuncture clients was throwing to celebrate being cancer-free. The woman got up and thanked everyone for coming, and then turned to Neka and said that she couldn’t have made it to this place without her help and support,” Ann recalls. “In that moment, I really got it. My daughter is an amazing woman.”

Today, as co-owners of Evo, Pasquale acts more as the creative partner, spending her days at the spa, meeting clients, devising new wellness programs and services; while Ann plays the role of business-minded thinker, researching new products and equipment as she oversees the operational side. When it comes to problem-solving, Ann is proactive while Pasquale tends to “wait and see.”

“It’s a very collaborative, checks-and-balances kind of relationship,” Pasquale says. “And it works.”
That’s partly because the pair share the same goal of blending wellness with beauty—a philosophy that Ann likely passed down to her daughter. “I was into health and nutrition way before it was fashionable,” Ann says. “It’s something I’ve been passionate about since before Neka was born—she’s been hearing me talk about it her whole life.”