Spa Services: Hair Removal



Laser is firm hair-removal favorite and has become so popular that home devices are increasingly popping up, promising the same results as a professional salon. However, “If a service requires a license, that means it’s a treatment people shouldn’t be allowed to perform at home,” opines Annie Temple, spa coordinator for Blue Spa in Sherman Oaks, California. “Consumers won't get the same results at home that they would with a professional.”

Why clients choose it: What’s so great about laser hair removal? According to Temple, “What’s not so great about it?” is a more appropriate question. She explains, “It’s such a worthwhile investment, because clients generally pay for five to eight treatments, but then if they time them right, they may never have to spend money on hair removal again! It also eliminates unsightly in-grown hairs, as it targets the root follicle.”

Pre-and post-care recommendations: ”I advise clients to shave the area that’s being lasered,” says Temple. “What typically happens is that the client may see a little hair re-growth in the days that follow, but the hair eventually falls out. Also, because the laser picks up the pigment of the skin, we tell clients to keep the area to be treated as close to their natural skin color as possible. No spray tanning before the service, for instance. After the treatment, lasered skin should not be exposed to direct sun or hot environments (such as a sauna or hot tub) for up to 48 hours."

Common misconceptions: “People often think that only one laser treatment will suffice,” says Temple. “On average, clients need five to eight treatments spread four to six weeks apart for the method to be effective. If more than 10 weeks pass in between sessions, it restarts the hair-growth cycle, and they have to start the process all over again.”