Spa Services: Seasonal Specialties


Similarly, in summer, manicures and pedicures at Chuan Body+Soul are given a mouthwatering natural twist using lemons, watermelons and garden herbs. “It smells so edible and delicious—just like the season,” remarks one Langham manicurist, who reports that the spa’s themed services have been instrumental in attracting new clients. “Word spreads among our regulars. They get excited about these new special treatments, and they tell their friends. They love the changes in the spa menu and the seasonal fragrances.”

To help clients remember their seasonally inspired treatment long after the visit, send them away with a souvenir. “It doesn’t have to be big or fancy, just something simple and elegant, like bath salts or a little bar of soap,” says Chuan Body+Soul’s Guttery. (Or perhaps a packet of seeds so clients can grow the herb used in their treatment!) “You can even work the cost of that small giveaway into the treatment price.”