SPA SERVICES: Comprehensive Body Countouring Protocols

Skin Blends Spa

iWrap Infrared Weight Loss and Cellulite System

by Onyx Medical

Spa: Skin Blends Spa, Nixa, MO
Selling Point: Infrared rays heat body fat, increasing metabolic rate, drawing out lactic acid and flushing toxins and excess fluids.
• Wrap four individual bands around localized areas (this causes metabolic rate to rise, through a process called Thermogenic Response).
• Allow client to rest for 45 minutes. Offer a fan to keep her cool. An elevated body temperature also triggers a cooling response, which uses energy from fat in the treated areas to cool the body. (This energy drain helps reduce fat and contour the area.)

Why clients love it: “It’s a simple, hands-free treatment that leaves the clients looking and feeling great,” raves spa owner Kathleen Carney. “Treatments can be done twice per week, and results are immediate!”