SPA SERVICES: Comprehensive Body Countouring Protocols

Belleza & Beauty

UltraCavitation, Radiofrequency and Pressotherapy Treatment

by Belleza & Beauty

Spa: D’Gala Clinic, Phoenix
Selling Point: After a series of 6 to 12 treatments, this combination of ultracavitation and radiofrequency offers noninvasive fat and cellulite reduction.
• Gently exfoliate targeted region (abdominal, thighs and/or arms) to open pores and prepare skin for detox.
• Perform cellulite treatment with Radiofrequency unit for 20 minutes per body area (10 minutes for the face).
• Complete body detox with Pressotherapy, Infrared and Electro Muscle Stimulator—air pressure and infrared treatments applied simultaneously for 30 minutes, followed by 30 minutes with the Electro Muscle Stimulator.

Why clients love it: “It’s high-quality equipment that can be tailored to suit my guests’ individual concerns,” says D’Gala Clinic owner Maria Galavi. “I’ve increased clientele so much with these treatments that I’ve had to expand to a bigger location!”