SPA SERVICES: Comprehensive Body Contouring Protocols

AquaVie Day Spa

Body Redesign Treatment
featuring products by Fleur’s

Spa: AquaVie Day Spa, Salt Lake City, UT
• Exfoliate front and back of body with Delight Scrub Flower and Fruit, focusing on waist-to-knee area. Rinse in shower, or with hot towels.
• Mix Self-Heating Sculpting Complex powder with water. Apply a thick layer of mixture to exfoliated area, and wrap with micron foil.
• Cover client with towel. Perform scalp or hand massage for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing off product.
• Perform full-body massage with Contouring Massage Balm, using intensive techniques such as rolling, kneading and pinching.
• Apply Contouring Perfection cream to treated areas.

Why clients love it: “Guests adore the enchanting aroma of flowers and fruit, and of course appreciate the contouring effect!” notes AquaVie Day Spa owner Anneli Johnson.