SPA MARKETING: How to Lure Men Using ALL of Your Spa Menu

Armando Sanchez


Scrubs and wraps are what a lot of people envision when they think of spa services. But this can be a double-edged sword, especially if the people in question are men with preconceived notions…

Honestly, is it possible to talk men into scrubs and wraps and such?
Ramirez: Men do prefer massage and facials over body treatments, so it really comes down to how the spa owner markets these treatments. Because body scrubs and wraps are guys’ least favorites, I would focus more on facials and massage. But in any case, stick to neutral phrases and certainly maintain a ‘ guys only’ section on your spa menu that includes some body treatments. After all, men are just as concerned as women about their appearance; they’re just more quiet and discreet about it. In 2011, sales for men’s grooming products jumped 30%.
Patterson: Body treatments are a bit harder because they are seen as more of a luxury. I’ve introduced men to scrubs by incorporating them into facials—I apply an herbal scrub to the legs and feet while they are under the steam. Reflexology is another treatment men love. I use our pedicure tubs to soak the feet, and perform a foot and leg scrub, using essentials oils throughout the treatment. Aaaaah.
Dubois: Once you get men in for any treatment, just provide them with quality service and tell them about your other offerings. Guys’ biggest misconception—we have learned this from chatting with guests at our men’s nights—is that the spa is just for women. Once they experience the benefits and results, though, they love it.
Komaiko: Men also tend to think their skin is not as vulnerable as women’s, and that a series of such treatments needn’t take place.

How can spa owners help men overcome these misconceptions?
Komaiko: You can ease their concerns by being certain to name your spa services for men with similar monikers to those used for women’s services – but not exactly the same. Make names and explanations clear and direct.
Riego: Use words like ‘performance,’ ‘active’ and ‘energy.’

Would you suggest pitching body treatments during the ‘upsell’ of another service?
Riego: Yes. Men are some of the easiest customers to upgrade, especially when they are relaxed and enjoying themselves. Unlike women, most of them do not focus too much on pricing.