Privé Products Offers New Service to Help Existing Salons Build Web Presence

The creators of Privé Formule Aux Herbes and Privé Concept Vert haircare line have created a new program that offers partnering salons the chance to increase their web presence. This new Privé Preferred Custom Salon Websites program will provide several different packages to help salons promote their brand on the web and establish an e-commerce component to further increase the salon’s business as well as Privé Products reach to potential customers.
“Consumers are increasingly turning to the web to help make their product choices and to purchase products,” says Privé Products CEO Jackie Applebaum.  “From personal experience and that of thousands of other companies, an online presence not only helps virtually promote the brand it also allows consumers the convenience of having the products delivered to their doors. That is very important across all industries right now.”
“A website for consumers to learn about the company from its founders is an integral part of branding,” adds Privé Products founder Laurent Dufourg. “It provides a platform for them to connect with their customers.”
The website built will have all the necessary components that make up a successful platform including salon logo, image, about us, contact us, stylist info and salon menu pages. Existing partner salons that carry Privé Products and want to expand their consumer base to online consumers can benefit from the second service that Privé Products offers, a Privé Products secure online e-commerce system. This section would allow salons to set up their own pricing and shipping methods, track inventory and provide clients with confirmation emails. 
Privé Products web services are available for $750-$1000 as a onetime set-up fee with an additional $100 monthly fee.

The Privé Preferred Custom Salon Websites program launches on November 28, 2011. For more information visit

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