Best Health, Fitness & Beauty/Trade was the first of two Maggie Awards DAYSPA took home In April.

Good work carries its own rewards, but it’s nice to get a little pat on the back now and then. DAYSPA was fortunate enough to get two such pats last Friday evening, April 26th, when the Western Publishers Association (WPA) presented its 62nd annual Maggie Awards banquet for excellence in publishing. Much to our delight, we walked away for the second year in a row with the prize for Best Health, Fitness and Beauty/Trade (for our June 2012 issue). And, as a bonus, we also won for Best Themed Issue/Trade (for our May 2012 men’s issue)!

The event, which took place in the Grand Ballroom of Los Angeles' Sheraton Gateway hotel, was a true celebration of quality, innovation and creativity in the fields of print/online trade and consumer publishing. More than 300 attendees ate, drank and made merry as the names of their colleagues (and friendly competitors) were announced and asked to approach the podium to receive their statues. Among the ecstatic winners in consumer category were such prestigious magazines as Sierra, Mother Jones, Motor Trend and Fit Pregnancy.

But when it came to the subjects of health and beauty, DAYSPA, and its Creative Age sister magazines, made our presence felt—and not just with raucous cheering, though there was plenty of that. Top nail industry source NailPro magazine took the title in the super-competitive category of Best Editorial Layout (Circ. over 50,000)/Trade, and the highest authority in the beauty supply industry, Beauty Store Business, scored as Best Tabloid/Trade. Nominated in the categories of Best Health, Fitness & Beauty/Trade and Single Editorial Enhanced Photo or Illustration/Trade was our stylish sister Beauty Launchpad, and medical spa expert source MedEsthetics magazine received a nom for Best Medical, Dental & Related Services/Trade. As you can tell, we’re pretty proud of our Creative Age siblings!

As I said, it’s nice to get a pat on the back, and all of us who contribute to DAYSPA magazine on a daily basis were buoyed by the WPA’s recognition. But what we appreciate most is our readers’ loyalty, which is what keeps us striving to remain at the top of our game. You may not receive an official award for your work, but you are the ones who keep the day spa industry thriving with your talent, compassion and commitment. We share our awards with you.—Linda Kossoff, executive editor, DAYSPA

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