Sticky Situation: The Indiscreet Client

What do you do when guests start to air their dirty laundry in your spa?

The Situation: "We once had a guest who was screaming and swearing on her phone about her divorce, while getting a pedicure at the spa," says Tamara Friedman, owner of Tamara Spa + Wellness in Farmington Hills, Michigan. "It was language and information that is disruptive to our spa staff and clients and, therefore, is not acceptable."

The Solution: "I approached her and said, 'I'm so sorry but if you would like us to stop your pedicure to continue conversation, you can use one of our private rooms or you can go outside,'" says Friedman. '"But right now we really want our clients to relax without their cell phones.' I had to explain this to her two times. I later wrote her a follow-up letter which stated, 'We value you as client, but we need you to respect our rules.' She stopped coming to the spa. Sometimes it's okay to let a client go."

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Well done! With cell phones

Well done! With cell phones being around as long as they have at this point, it is still amazing that those who use them for loud conversations don't realize the rest of the world isn't blessed with sound cancelling ears. Although you lost one client, I'm sure you saved many more who might quietly stop coming to your spa due to the management allowing such behavior.