Spa TRENDS: Silver

The rise of silver in the spa world proves that all that glitters is not necessarily gold...

For centuries, silver has been praised for its natural purifying and healing properties. Ancient civilizations are said to have stored wine, vinegar and water in silver jars to prevent them from spoiling. And, long before the introduction of antibiotics, colloidal silver was used as a disinfectant and germicide. Although modern medicine and technology may have rendered the shiny metal obsolete in certain segments, it appears to be making a comeback in the spa world—for multiple reasons.

Many spa owners sing silver’s praises for its abilities to preserve and purify the skin. Manufacturer and spa chain Elina Organics Skin Care features silver in several of its formulations—such as the Sapphire Mask, Botanical Toner and Facial Toner—to keep the all-natural ingredients fresh and active while offering clients deep cleansing action. “I use silver exactly how it is necessary—as a natural preservative and antibacterial property,” explains owner Elina Fedotova.

Scott Kerschbaumer, co-owner of EsSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare, with multiple locations in Pennsylvania, says he started carrying silver-infused products in his spas after experiencing the benefits of the metal for himself. “I have been drinking colloidal silver for the past three years and have not gotten sick in that time,” Kerschbaumer reports. In an effort to expose clients to the holistic remedy, his spas now retail a colloidal silver liquid solution and topical gel for cuts, cold sores and after-shave treatment. And, for the past year, co-owner and esthetician Eva Kerschbaumer has been using liquid silver as a toner in all of her facial treatments. “We use nano silver that is 30 ppm [parts per million] as opposed to most colloidal silver, which runs about 14 ppm,” explains Scott. “Nano is a much smaller, ionized particle, which allows for far greater absorption.”

Deanna Magar, owner of Pure Skin Spa in Spokane, Washington, offers OmVeda’s Precious Silver Facial (60 min./$80) for clients with rosacea, citing the metal’s anti-inflammatory properties. “It’s a very cooling and healing treatment,” Magar says. “Redness is minimized and it really calms the skin.”
Some spa pros love silver for its kinetic abilities. More Than a Facial in Philomath, Oregon, offers a Silver Ion Mask Facial (90-120 min./$175)featuring a silver ion mask by Epicuren. Owner and longtime esthetician Katherine “Caite” Sagehorn says the mask is amazing for its ability to help penetrate underlying products into deeper layers of the skin, making it a great add-on to other facial services. “It can also be placed on top of another topical treatment to allow it to work at a deeper level,” says Sagehorn. The spa also retails the mask as a take-home item. At a price tag of $250, the treatment is typically purchased by clients with a solid understanding of silver’s benefits.