Spa Treatments: Vinotherapy

Spa pros sound off on the benefits of serving up treatments that are fresh off the vine.

Hope Killingsworth, owner of TeaTree’s Boutique Spa in Blue Ridge, Georgia: We offer a Vinotherapy package ($80-$145) comprised of a facial and a massage, using wine-based serums, moisturizers and oils. This package also includes a free wine tasting at Blue Ridge Cellars wine bar down the road from the spa. Whether you use them internally or externally, grapes are an excellent source of antioxidants, which help replenish and revitalize the skin. People of all ages and skin types can certainly benefit from their wide-ranging properties, including a reduction in free-radical accumulation; however, as we age, these benefits become even more important for skin health, so I especially recommend these services to my more mature clients.

Dawn Bozkurt, owner of Stonehedge Inn & Spa, Tyngsboro, Massachusetts: Our spa offers a Vino Massage (50 min./$90 or 80 min./$125), using Chardonnay massage oil. The service also includes a soak in an antioxidant-rich Chardonnay bubble bath, followed by an application of an aromatic Chardonnay body moisturizer. Our property houses New England’s largest wine cellar, with more than 60,000 bottles. Having our spa specialize in vinotherapy was therefore a natural fit and the service truly caters to all guests looking for a healthy dose of antioxidants.

Nena Benson, owner of Vino+Therapy Studio in Atascadero, California: We provide a wide range of wine-centric services including red and white grape seed massages, Coco-Cab (chocolate and wine) facials, Vineyard Rose facials and Chardonnay pedicures. The substances found in the acids of wine grapes are thought to boost circulation and help protect the skin’s elastic and collagen fibers. Additional research suggests that resveratrol, found in red grape skins, has health benefits when incorporated into the diet, and may help with everything from muscle tone and muscle memory to heart and brain health.