SPA SERVICES: Smoothing Deep Wrinkles

Skincare science now provides more ways than ever to “de-crease” your spa clients’ complexions.

Let’s Get Real

As a spa owner, you know how important expectation management is, and never is that more likely to be an issue than with antiaging treatment. “We are estheticians, not magicians,” says Bio Jouvance’s Boghosian. “We tell clients that with good skin care and equipment, yes, it is possible to erase several years. But the skin didn’t age overnight and therefore it is not going to be resolved overnight.” Can you produce results that clients might compare to airbrushed photos of celebrities who invest limitless amounts of time and money to not appear old? Probably not. Can we diminish and soften deep wrinkles? You bet.

April Zangl, CEO and co-formulator of the HydroPeptide collection, suggests taking before-and-after photos. “Let the client actually see the results,” she says. “Or use a digital imaging system like a Visia machine to track progress.”

Miranda estimates that one in nine of the prospective patients who walk through his door suffer from body dysmorphic disorder, a mental condition in which the person’s real or perceived flaws distress them to an excessive degree. That sort of person will never be satisfied with results, and may cause you and your staff undue difficulty. “Don’t be afraid to say no,” says surgeon Miranda. “We can’t look at everyone as a dollar sign.”

“The client’s results are dependent not only upon the science and ingredient technology of the topical products, but by the patient’s own health and dietary habits,” says BiON’s Lockhart. “‘Expectation management’ is greatly influenced by the patient’s diet, and this aspect of the health and beauty of skin needs to come into the conversation. The patient who converts to an extremely healthful diet with the bulk of his/her daily calories coming from fresh fruits and vegetables will achieve a significantly greater skin-rejuvenating result from your efforts than the person who has a less healthful and balanced diet. The body and the skin need the correct balance of nutrients to maintain optimal health and achieve optimal skin rejuvenation results.”

Finally, pairing individuals’ skin with the correct treatment may be your most important task. “When someone comes in ready to invest in their skin, it’s important they understand that not all services or treatments are suitable for everyone,” says Somerville. “The truth is, as professionals, we still can’t know everything about someone’s skin right away. There is a process of learning about a client and how their skin reacts and responds.”

“It is imperative that with each client, the skincare professional sets goals and timelines, and dispenses home-care duties,” says DermAware’s Zone. “I have yet to see the magic machine or potion that will banish wrinkles entirely, but can we achieve remarkable results with progressive professional and aggressive home care? Yes, yes we can.”

Andrea Renskoff is a Los Angeles-based writer.

Wrinkle Busters

These professional manufacturers offer solutions to treat deep wrinkles.
Topical Products:
• 5 Star Formulators,
• Aminogenesis,
• Bio Jouvance,
• BiON,
• Botanical Science Technologies,
• DermaQuest,
• DermAware,
• DermElect,
• Environ,
• GloTherapeutics,
• GlyMed Plus,
• G.M. Collin,
• Guinot,
• HydroPeptide,
• Innovative Skincare,
• Pevonia,
• Sothys,
• Wilma Schumann,
• 7E Wellness,
• Beautiful Image,
• Belleza and Beauty,
• Dermatude,
• Image Microderm,
• Myo Technologies,
• Onyx Medical,
• Silhouet-Tone,
• Skin Care Consultants,

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