SPA SERVICES: Smoothing Deep Wrinkles

Skincare science now provides more ways than ever to “de-crease” your spa clients’ complexions.

There’s No Place Like Home

For as much good as you can do for a client during a session, it’s up to them to maintain the work you’ve done. “You see what happens from lack of home care when clients come back weeks or months later and all the esthetician did in the last visit has been undone,” says Bio Jouvance’s Boghosian. “If you can get the client to take care of her skin and buy the right products, you will have put her on the right path.” Make sure your antiaging line includes the appropriate home-care options for follow-through, and make it clear to clients that part of their investment in antiaging lies in purchasing products for home use.

“Home care should be a custom regimen, recommended only after performing a thorough skin analysis and consultation,” notes Pevonia’s Jurist. “Home-care products must aim to build the quantity of powerhouse antiaging ingredients as nutrients in the skin in order to continue to feed and repair our damaged cells.”
“What you do daily affects the skin more than what you do every month or two,” reminds G.M. Collins’ Asquith. “Daily protection, correction and repair is, without question, the most important thing a client can do for her wrinkles.”

Clients also need to know what not to do. Explain to them that improper skin care can, in and of itself, contribute to skin wrinkling. “Using sun block, limiting sun exposure and not smoking are the most important steps,” says surgeon Miranda. He also recommends applying topicals containing antioxidants and retinoids, and the use of mineral make-up.

Other wrinkle prevention methods: Clients should stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and eating foods rich in vitamins, especially fruits and vegetables. And as for Grandma’s advice about lifestyle practices such as sleeping on your back and not touching your face, Miranda says, “Sure, it would be ideal if you never stretched or put pressure on the tissue because over time structural changes will occur—but not at the expense of a good night’s sleep.” (No use exchanging those wrinkles for undereye circles!)