SPA SERVICES: Smoothing Deep Wrinkles

Skincare science now provides more ways than ever to “de-crease” your spa clients’ complexions.

It’s All Mechanics

Is there one magical device that will turn back the clock on your clients’ faces? Probably not, the experts agree. “Simultaneous aging of both the superficial and deep structural elements of the face cannot be treated using only one device technology,” says Silhouet-Tone’s Tsoklis. “Only a multidisciplinary approach can access the different layers of skin.” To that end, the company’s Smooth Skin device features ultrasound combined with microcurrents, pulsating frequencies, alternating DC current and mesofusion.

“Microcurrent therapy helps restore natural current flow to regenerate soft tissue to heal damaged scar tissue,” explains Ray Baker, president, Beautiful Image. “It can be applied at specific frequencies to address a variety of lines and wrinkles. It also increases the uptake of nutrients within cells, and stimulates the excretion of waste product, such as heavy metals, within them.”

Brandon Smithwick, business developer for manufacturer 7eWellness, considers three technologies, as utilized in its Myolift Ultra, to be at the forefront of non-invasive equipment.

“First, ultrasound evenly penetrates to the deeper layers of the skin with a precise level of heat to stimulate collagen synthesis and supercharge the natural production of collagen,” Smithwick explains. “Second, microcurrent stimulates the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is stored cellular energy that allows a cell to function. This, in turn, triggers the body’s natural healing process. Electrolyte levels are replenished and nutrients are better absorbed. Amino uptake is increased, and blood circulation and lymphatic flow are also increased. These vital functions are increased four to five fold with microcurrent technology. And third, galvanic stimulation improves osmotic flow, which enhances delivery of key ingredients to areas with denser skin.”

According to Smithwick, such results are magnified when combined with effective topical skin products and “can produce very similar immediate and cumulative results to invasive procedures. I consider today’s non-invasive combination facial treatments to be the preference.”

Ray recommends using a conductor that is “aloe-based and enriched with peptides, rather than a basic gel,” when employing mechanical equipment to combat wrinkles.

The Radio Frequency system with Cryo Cooling and Vacuum Therapy from Onyx Medical is another multi-technology machine designed to attack the enemy on several fronts. Explains president Roger Machson, “The radio frequency energy is converted to heat in fluid-bearing tissue, reorganizing broken collagen and stimulating the production of new collagen.” Different depths of heat are used; deeper wrinkles and thick tissue require more heat.

“The Cryo cooling immediately afterward shocks cellular activity into overdrive to generate stronger lifting, tightening and firming of the skin,” continues Machson. “And vacuum therapy has been used for decades for contouring. It repairs skin damage by stimulating lymphatic drainage and breaking apart clusters of fat cells.”

Belleza & Beauty manufactures a powerful radio frequency unit for both face and body lifting, reports CEO Leticia Giron. This portable-sized Ultracavitation machine accelerates circulation and promotes lymphatic stimulation for faster elimination of toxins, which can wear down even healthy skin.