SPA SERVICES: Smoothing Deep Wrinkles

Skincare science now provides more ways than ever to “de-crease” your spa clients’ complexions.

“There is still no cure for the common birthday,” former astronaut and U.S. senator John Glenn famously said. Aging is certain, and skin is often a cruel tattletale of the calendar. With life expectancies on the rise and baby boomers dominating the current population, there’s a lot of mature skin out there. For some people, facial wrinkles are no great drain on their wellbeing, but others afflicted by this outward sign of aging will go to any lengths to try to recapture the smooth complexions of their youth. And then there are those who are somewhere in between; they’d like to look their best without going overboard.

Decades ago, people (mostly women) desperate to “de-wrinkle” had no other option than to visit their friendly cosmetic surgeon, who would perform the old-school facelift that spawned jokes about skin stretched from the kneecaps to the scalp. Meanwhile, the esthetician’s marching chant was “hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.” Today, spas and medical practices often overlap, and there are a wide variety of wrinkle-fighting options, from the topicals and equipment-based approaches employed at traditional spas, to the fillers, injectables and lasers provided at medical spas—and a wealth of combination strategies of all of the above. As a spa owner, you’ve probably got a few tricks up your sleeve, but perhaps it’s time to add a few more, and to see what the industry considers the latest and greatest wrinkle warriors.

This month, DAYSPA is taking a hard look at deep wrinkles, those stubborn furrows often seen in clients over 50 who’ve asked you to wage a war against their aging skin. What do you have for them? While some might argue that invasive procedures are the only real way to fill, buff and smooth, we’ve talked to product and equipment formulators, educators and technicians who offer effective day spa treatment strategies as alternatives.