Spa Services: Massage Add-Ons

Spa pros discuss how a few extra bells and whistles can make for an ahhh-mazing massage experience.

What can a client expect from a massage treatment at your spa?

Cici Coffee, owner of Natural Body Spas in Atlanta: We have a proprietary treatment that consists of a sequence of steps. It’s a secret formula that is designed to create an exceptional experience that is consistent. I can’t give it away but I can tell you that it incorporates the classic hot and cold modalities and moist heat compresses (rather than Vichy showers). In recent years, we’ve created more in-room amenities such as higher-quality sheets and bedding, and we use arnica gel from Naturopathica for bruising and muscle strain. We try to pay close attention to the little details that won’t break the bank in terms of delivery costs.

Alisha Lalji, owner of EM Luxury Spa, serving the Los Angeles and Vancouver areas: My signature massage weaves in Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology, shiatsu, reiki, sports massage, joint release and aromatherapy all into one treatment. I also add on hypnotherapy, which places the client into a trance or meditative state, allowing for a deeper level of relaxation. For clients with recurring pain, I use hypnotherapy “level two”, in which I focus on a particular area, address the emotional hold in the body that is causing the tension and then release it.

Talia Bright, assistant manager of Milk & Honey Spa in Austin, Texas: We customize our massage treatments by giving clients the option to choose their own aromatherapy program, hot and cold packs, and mixtures of essential oils and body butters. To allow for this we tack on an extra 15 minutes to each massage treatment to give the therapist time to administer a thorough intake. After the treatment is completed, we distribute a “stretch sheet”, which includes stretching exercises clients can do at home that address their particular needs or lifestyle. We have stretch sheets for runners, prenatal clients, and neck and shoulder tension, to name a few.