Global Speak: Incredible India

Wellness businesses are natural fits in this birthplace of ayurveda and yoga.
Image courtesy of Ananda

Mention India, and people's minds go in numerous directions. For some, the word may conjure thoughts of maharajas and majestic elephant, Mahatma Gandhi and the Ganges River - the classical India. For others, it's the booming technology business in the south of India, and the many bright young Indians who are attending colleges in America. And then there's the Bollywood film industry. All of these visions of India are accurate: the country is rich with layers, textures, imagery and extremes, as was the focus of the hugely successful "Incredible India" marketing campaign a few years ago.

The second-most populated country on Earth, India is home to almost 1.2 billion people - yet it's one-third the size of the United States in area. It's a young country, with 60% of the population under the age of 32. Delhi and Mumbai hold more than 10 million residents each, while the country's famed jungles and Himalayan foothills are sparsely populated. Because India was under British rule from the 1800's until Partition in 1947, English is widely spoken in the cities - yet there are also 15 official languages for the country.

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