Friday's Sticky Situation: Clock-Challenged Clients

In this new weekly column, we present real-life day spa disaster scenarios, and reveal how pros deal with common issues.

The Situation: A client is late--again! "We try to be pretty black and white with our policy, but there are always exceptions if someone has a legitimate reason for being late," says Cici Coffee, owner of Natural Body Spa, with multiple locations in and around Atlanta.

The Solution: "This type of situation is treated very politely and sensitively. We give clients a "Get Out of Jail Card" for a first-time offense, as we understand there are circumstances out of their control that could cause a late arrival. However, if it happens more frequently, and we have to start their massage late, we explain that, 'Unfortunately, we can't give you your complete service and we will still be charging you full price. We'd like for you to get here early or on time to enjoy the entire treatment.'"

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So then the client says I

So then the client says I will just reschedule and not do todays service...then what?
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then they are usually charged

then they are usually charged for cancelling their appointment after the 24 hour cancellation period. this is why it is necessary to secure their credit card number when scheduling the appointment.
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We follow the same procedure.

We follow the same procedure. If the therapist doesn't have an appointment immediately following, we'll honor the full treatment time but explain that will not always be the case and explain as they have listed above.